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With the early access release of One Tower on Steam we want to make sure you know what’s coming up soon for the game, short of our long-term vision of continuing to add new features and content.

Before we get to the fun stuff, we want to first quickly explain “why early access now?” Early Access provides us with an opportunity to get the game to as many players as possible which in turn gives us the opportunity to receive early feedback on what players want to see vs. what we think you want. It also gives players more active players to go up against. The downside? We need players to be open minded to the game and to see our vision. If you think the game is fun, we hope you’ll hang with us as it continues to evolve rapidly.

New User Interface Design

Much of the feedback we’ve seen from skeptics is the look and feel of the game’s UI seeming like “another mobile port to PC.” We believe this is caused by the size of our UI, the simplicity of it, and the circular spell icons. These all scream “mobile” to certain players, so we’re re-designing our in-game UI. It’s about 50% complete and we’re glad the community has challenged us to re-visit it. Having said that, be rest assured, since the start of development nearly a year ago, we’ve always planned to go PC for this game with a Mac port shortly after. Next platform? Maybe console, who knows?? Mobile isn’t on our short list and we’d need to make a lot of changes to make mobile even a possibility right now.

New Art Style

We’ve been working on a complete overhaul of our art style for the game. Every 3D asset in the game is going low poly. This will not only give the game a unique identity but we’re going to be able to reduce the system requirements and improve overall game performance.

Faster Responsiveness + Visuals

Heroes and minion attacks, damage indications and timing are being improved. Right now we agree that things are too delayed. We’re cleaning this up.

New Heroes and Minions

Yes yes yes, we have a lot of heroes and minions coming. Don’t worry. We haven’t added any of them yet since we want to make sure core aspects of the game are nailed down prior to adding more challenges to game balance.


We have many “prize” based tournaments (physical and digital) planned.


Seasonal leagues are coming!

Improved Practice Mode

We’re changing practice mode around to give more experienced players a challenge. The current mode is for players level 1-5 and is intentionally ‘too easy’ for experienced players.

Smart casting

Yes, it’s coming. Our lead developer says so.

Improved Minion Shop

Players often run into trouble when buying and deploying minions while in a match. We’re working on new ideas here and yes, we’ll allow you to cancel a purchase.

Ranked Matches

Soon you’ll be able to play in ranked matches using a seasonal ranking.

Improved Chat System

We’re working on a method for communicating with players in matches, either chat presets or allowing in-game voice or text chat. We’re watching player feedback and will act accordingly.

Improved GPU Support

We’re aware that some configurations don’t play well with One Tower currently and will continue to improve support.

Mac OS Support

A Mac OS build is coming. We have a lot of mac players asking for it and we’ll be delivering it sometime after Early Access.

Bug Fixes

Continued bug fixes! Hey it’s early access and we’re a small team with no investments so there will be bugs, but they will die. They will surely die.

See you in the game!