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History of Prestiya and The Sca

The ancients have passed their stories of legend and lore on to the generations that have survived Prestiya. Whether these generations have survived because of fate or fortune, it makes no difference, these stories both haunt the dreams of children and inspire those hoping to become Prestiya’s next legendary hero, to have their names and victories spoken of by the generations to come.

These histories of Prestiya are often challenged by the scholars who claim they are children’s stories. Stories of people who live in the forests called The Flow who can harness the power of nature to crush their enemies. Stories of beasts the size of mountains and the undead that dwell in the underdepths of the Arrian Rift.

Prestiya is a small continent with treacherous environments. The Valley of Arrian is the most lush and coveted piece of land not only because of its rich soil and resources, but also because of the natural safe haven its surroundings provide, with mountains to the north and south, the rift to the west and the ocean to the east. Raiders attempting an attack from the mountains would need to be on foot and would likely fall to their deaths or run out of food before initiating an attack. An attack from the water would also be unlikely due to the razor sharp reefs.

The Sca are the first known civilization in Prestiya. They took claim of the Valley of Arrian and established a stringent set of rules and judgements that were so harsh no one dared to break them, and no tribe or people ever attempted to challenge their claim to the valley. Sca made great advances in architecture and weapon technology that often resembled magic. The Sca kingdom is protected by a series of towers spread throughout the valley’s entry points. These towers stand alone and are powered by the ground beneath them – pulling energy into them creating a pulse energy that fires at any hostile threats detected nearby.

As the Sca fell into a deep slumber of increasing their gain and leisure, a great change has been happening around them, invisible to their complacent eyes. Many would be forced to wake and face the reality of their world as the wilds of Prestiya fall upon them.

The Return of the Necro (One Tower Part I)

A thick red fog blankets the Valley of Arrian. The Sca have ruled over this valley for thousands of years, implementing their control through a rigid and unwavering set of rules handed down by the Council of Twelve. But, on this day, the Council is worried. They are all too familiar with the prophecy and what the red fog represents... the return of the Necro.

The Necro were once the Elite Guard for the Sca, sworn to protect the kingdom and their precious Flame. However, when one of the Council’s own, Lord Bantinan, was brutally slaughtered by the great beast Galagor, the Council blamed the Elite Guard for the loss of their champion and banished them to the underworld.

This wasn’t the first time the Sca used banishment as a penalty. During the first millennia, many Sca felt a strong attraction to the Flame. What started as curiosity became an obsession with needing to be in the presence of the Flame at all times. The Council feared what might come of this and ordered these Sca to be banished from the Valley of Arrian, never to return. Those banished are now known as the Firelords who have been battling with the Sca ever since. The Firelords have a single goal, which is to reclaim the Flame as their own, to protect and serve once again.

The flame the Sca protects, is a flame of great power. A flame of life... the Eternal Flame. It is said that the Eternal Flame produces an energy that gives life to all living things. The Eternal Flame is so powerful that no person has ever touched it without dying. It can never wielded. It is life in its purest form. Now, the great Kingdom of Sca is on the brink of war with the Firelords, the Necro and the Flow.

While the Eternal Flame burns, the battle in the Valley of Arrian begins!