1teemotron (1600)
2KidwithSmurf (970)
3Sallenel (820)
4Prophet (520)
5Aenigma (450)
6IamSObad (440)
8Xypherz (340)
9Burt hu akbar (330)
10Luigi (260)
OVERVIEW Free-to-Play Minion Strategy Game

One Tower is a fast-paced head-to-head Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game that pits players against each other in epic duels of strategy and skill. Players will unleash customized minion waves, command powerful Heroes, and cast potent spells to defend their stronghold against enemy marauders or invade new lands to take down their opponent's tower.

Build Your Minion Armies

In One Tower, your minions matter. In-game, earn gold to buy minions and strategically build your army to help destroy your enemy tower or portal. Choose from ranged, melee, air, tank and support minions. You can also unlock heroic and legendary minions to help maximize the strength of your army! Be sure to keep an eye on your enemy’s minion army as counter builds are essential to victory!

Master Your Hero

Choose your hero based on your particular playing style. Do you prefer a ranged hero? Or maybe melee. How about a mage? One Tower offers them all. Each hero has 3 distinct abilities. Master these abilities and master your hero. One Tower currently has 4 heroes to choose from with many more coming soon.

Battle Your Friends

Challenge your friends to a match by clicking the “Challenge Friends” button on the hero selection screen. You can also invite players from the chat lobby to a match.

Evolve Your Minions

Many minions can be evolved into heroic minions. This is achieved by collecting a basic minion multiple times. Once a minion has evolved into a heroic, that minion can then level up. This increases the minions stats

Earn Rewards

Defeat an enemy? Play a game? Then you'll receive an in-game currency called crystals. Crystals can be used to purchase chests to unlock minions, heroes and more. All are available for FREE using crystals earned by simply playing One Tower! The more you play, the more crystals you'll earn!

Seasonal Rankings

Ranked play is coming during Early Access!

Eternal Flame Universe

One Tower takes place within the fantastical world of the Eternal Flame. The world of the Eternal Flame is tightly intertwined. Everything and everyone is connected and has a specific role, from locations, beasts and minions to hero names, origins, abilities and appearances.